Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Global Alliance of Waste Pickers and Allies to Attend 2nd Franco-Brazilian "Waste and Citizenship Week"

France Libertés in coordination with the local authority of Plaine Commune (northern suburb of Paris) will host the 2nd Franco-Brazilian "Waste and Citizenship Week" from May 24-26th, 2011.  This public event share the experiences of Brazilian catadores  (waste pickers) and a whole network of French participants working in waste management and the social economy.  Attending the event on the part of the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers and Allies include waste pickers from KKPKP/ Alliance of Indian WastePickers, as well as from the Latin American and Carribean Waste Picker Network and allies from WIEGO. 

The event takes a critical look at waste management in the global south and modern waste management systems within France.
To find out more about this event and read a report on last year's event please see their website: