Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wastepickers and Climate Change workshop in Chennai

Timed to coincide with the UNFCCC climate change conference in Cancun, and GAIA's 9th Global Day of Action, GAIA and the Alliance of Indian Wastepickers held a two day workshop in the city of Chennai on the 29th and 30th of November on Climate and Waste.

Wastepickers from 5 cities participated in the workshop. The workshop was aimed at introducing the participants to the science and politics of climate change and the basic policies and institutions. The modules, which were a combination of interactive games, visuals and teaching, were designed by 9 activists/trainers from 6 organisations. We aim at developing a comprehensive modules towards the end of 2011 through 3 more trainings at various cities.

A press conference was held on the last day to highlight the concerns of livelihood security in the context of two waste management (RDF) proposals in the city of Chennai and also to showcase successful models from Pune and Mumbai.

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